Tuesday, September 2, 2008

pics from the weekend

Yesterday we went to J.C.'s parent's for a family cookout and had a blast! Here are some pics from the day (although mine are a little biased, too. Sorry! :)).

Eli hangin' out with Gramamma
Ali holding Eli. What a big girl!
Ali very much enjoyed her dessert.
Eli hangin' out with his Pop

We were trying to get Ali to give Eli a kiss. Almost....

but no. Ear pulling is so much more fun! Parker and Sophie showing off their "makeup".

Layla stealing Fin's ball.

... and his drink. Poor little guy :).


Gina said...

cute pics :)

Leanna said...

He is a cutie!

Jaci Spain said...

He seriously has one of the cutest little faces I have ever seen:) So glad to see that you have a blog now! Good for you!

Jaci Spain said...
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