Friday, August 21, 2009

Creeks, Country and Cupcakes

Life with a newborn and one year old has put quite a damper on my ability to blog regularly, so I've got lots of pics to share from the last couple of weeks.

We went to Tannehill a couple of weeks ago to hike and Eli got to ride the train and play in the creek! Tannehill is one of our favorite places to spend a pretty day. There's one hiking trail in particular that J.C. and I love. I have vivid memories of us walking this trail at different points through our relationship - while we were dating/engaged and were dreaming about our future together, right after we moved back from Florida and were wondering where we would end up with our jobs and house, when we were pregnant with Eli and were trying to imagine what our life would be like when it wasn't just the two of us, when we had Eli and were pregnant with Tessa, and now with both our kiddos! I get sentimental sometimes when we're on the trail because I can imagine us walking down it one day with our grandkids! Here are a couple of pictures of Eli from the day. (Unfortunately I didn't think to get any of Tessa. She was strapped to me the whole time and I'm not a fan of getting pictures of myself :)).

Riding on the train with Daddy

Splashing in the creek

Eli had his first cupcake the other day, compliments of Aunt Rachel. He seemed to enjoy it much more than he did his birthday cake a couple of months ago.

This is what Tessa was doing while Eli enjoyed his cupcake. I think she was jealous. Can't say I blame her.

Here are some pictures of Eli playing outside at Gramamma and Pop's (which we call "the country").

And here are some random pics of my cuties!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One month old!

Happy one month birthday, Tessa! I already can't imagine our life without you.