Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Andi - 6 months

Well hello there. Surprised to see me? (All one or two of you). I'm still here. Sort of...
Andi turned 6 months old last week. Craziness... She has been a pure blessing and joy, but I definitely don't have much free time to get blogging done these days. I did want to get these comparison shots up, though.
Andi - 6 months
Tessa - 6 months
Eli - 6 months
And just for good measure, here's one more of Andi. Just cuz she's cute.
I just realized that I did a birthday update for Eli and now a 6 month update for Andi, but totally forgot to post anything for Tessa's 2nd birthday (back in July). Poor middle child.... Tessa, if you read this one day, please know that we love you very much! I promise to post something for your birthday next year. :)