Saturday, October 31, 2009

New pics

I really have no fascinating thoughts to share with you all today. It's amazing how being around two small children all day every day can suck all intelligent and interesting thoughts right out of your head. Poor J.C.... He actually still likes to talk to me, even though our conversations these days often revolve around either poop, breastfeeding, or the kids' napping successes/failures of the day . It's amazing, really.

So, this post is basically going to be a bunch of pictures of our awesome kiddos. You're welcome, grandparents. Everyone else - I'm very sorry...

Look who's smiling! (She has been for awhile, but I think these are the first pics of that cute grin that I've posted)

Eli has a renewed obsession with all his old baby toys. If Tessa is in it, then it must be the greatest thing ever. I've had a tough time lately keeping him from stealing her paci, and getting in the swing, bouncy seat, bumbo, and now the exersaucer...

Quick! Snap the picture before he runs away!

My sweet boy. Please don't grow up. Pretty please? Thanks.

Post-face plant pic.
I assure you that this isn't what it looks like.

My loves.

Argh! I'm a pirate!

Eli was definitely "in character" during our church's trunk 'n treat event. Several times I had to stop him from stealing other kids' loot. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Take a closer look, please.

Take a look at this picture:

Let me describe it to you since the colors didn't show up well on my camera phone. Pink socks, flowery jeans. pink and purple butterflies on the top (oh, and a pink elephant toy hanging on the carseat).

Now, if you were a random person in Chick-Fil-A and you saw a baby dressed like this, what gender would you guess this baby is?


And, if you happened to guess incorrectly, would you be utterly shocked when told that she is, in fact, a girl?

Come on, people.....