Friday, September 12, 2008

Bring it on Big Daddy!

Oh yes, we have found it. The best bar-b-que in the state of Alabama and perhaps beyond. J.C. went to this place a few weeks ago with his coworkers after it won the gold medal in the Birmingham News' Best Ribs contest (beating out Dreamland!). After hearing J.C.'s account of how good it was almost daily since he went, I decided that I must partake ASAP. And, since it's a little out of town, we decided it would make a great motorcycle trip. So, J.C. took the day off from work today and we left the munchkin with Gramamma and Pop to hit the road for our little adventure.

Man, the food was amazing! They have the whole package - good ribs, good pork, good side dishes like fried corn on the cob and turnip greens, and of course good sweet tea (a must for any bar-b-que joint). This one was a real winner. I highly recommend it.

Here I am with Big Daddy himself. Please excuse the helmet-head hair I've got goin' on here.

After lunch we decided to ride around for awhile and ended up going to Swann Bridge - one of the few remaining wooden covered bridges in the state. I had such a wonderful day hangin' out with the best hubby in the world!

Beautiful scenery!

Ah, the motorcycle. We love it so.

And of course, I can't post pics on my blog without at least one of them including the little guy, so here he is hangin out with his Gram.


Leanna said...

Great pictures. I loved the cover bridge pictures and of course Eli in all his cuteness. You will have to take me over to the BBQ place the next time I am up there. I lover BBQ!

Gina said...

great blog. I'ts time for a new one though. :) :)

Gina said...

I have a blog. If you get some spare it. :) I hope you are doing great. I'm ready to see more pics of Eli. He's such a cutie. :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks Gina. I'll definitely check it out! And I just posted a new blog :).

Anonymous said...

ha, I will try out my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it's truly awesome, thanks.

- Norman