Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roll Tide!.....?

Well, football season is here, and I'm actually more excited than I thought I'd be. I was pretty indifferent to it until we flipped on College Gameday yesterday and something about it just lit up my insides. However, I've learned that I'm a lot less of a "Bama Fan" now that we're back in the state Alabama than when we lived in Gainesville. It was fun being contrary and pulling for a team other than the Gators when were there. Now that we're back, though, it just doesn't seem that "special" to pull for Alabama. Everyone does (except for the Auburn fans, that is). And, there are just way too many fanatical rednecks out there who have no official affiliation with the school and yet center their lives around the Alabama/Auburn thing. Both teams have these fans - I'm not pointing fingers, but it bugs me and steals some of my zeal.

That being said, Roll Tide! 34-10. Yipee! And I'll be gracious and congratulate Auburn for their win as well. All is well in the state of Alabama. For now....

And besides, how could I not get a little excited about it when I have a mini-fan to dress up?

My handsome bama boys

"Allright mom... I'm getting a little bored with this."

Apple of his Grandaddy's eye? Not so much today :)

Still a daddy's girl


Leanna said...

Aww what a cute family..Eli is adorable all decked out in his Alabama gear.

Gina said...

Your little man looks so cute dressed up in his Alabama gear. :) :)

Greta said...

War Eagle first of all.
(No, I didn't go to school there but I don't think I fall into the fanatic category either so it's ok ;)!)

Also, how stinkin' cute is Eli??

Lindsay said...


Greta - You're definitely not in the "fanatical redneck" category. I'm not talking about the "normal" fans (which is what I would consider you and most other people). I'm talking about the Paul Finebaum-calling, obsessed in the middle of March kind of fans.