Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Vacation 2010

I’m not even going to attempt to make this post interesting.  I’m too exhausted and am crashing down too hard from my vacation high.  Here are the facts:

Location: Folly Beach, SC
Event: Annual Family Vacay
Objectives: Have lots of family bonding time and eat huge amounts of unhealthy food.  Check and check.
People in attendance: J.C., me, Eli, Tessa, Gramamma, Pop, Nick, Mawmaw, Chris, Rachel, and Ali

And here are the pics.

The beach had a huge tide pool that the kids played in in.  No waves, undertow, sharks or jellyfish = perfect beach baby pool.IMG_1004 IMG_1007IMG_1015 IMG_1020 IMG_1021 IMG_1029 IMG_1031 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1041 IMG_1045

We had one tired and super snuggly little boy on our hands after all the beach fun.IMG_1068 IMG_1069 IMG_1070



IMG_1076 IMG_1078

Walkin’ the plank.

IMG_1081 IMG_1087 

The fam


Our little family picture looks a little different this year than it did last year (and definitely different than it did 3 years ago).  I wonder what it will look like next year???