Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Simple! Not so much...

Me before having a baby (while working with full second income):

"I need gas." (Pull in. Pumping...). "Hmmm. I'm a little thirsty. I think I'll run in to get something to drink." Done. Simple.

Me now (working in my new non-profit job as a mommy):

"I need gas. Shoot. Gas is expensive and J.C. doesn't get paid until Friday. I wonder how little I can put in the tank to get me to Friday? I'm thirsty, but I really shouldn't spend the extra buck to get something to drink since I have stuff at home. Don't want to waste the money. Besides, the baby is in the back seat and that would be a pain to haul the carseat in." Then I drive off, thankful for my $20 of gas, but with fingers crossed that it will last until Friday :).

Not quite as simple.
Here's my adorable little complicator.

Layla looooves him!


Greta said...

And I believe HE loves Layla ;).

How many times have I gone through the same/a similar thought process?? so many.

Rachel Callahan said...

Ali got all excited when I pulled up this post and she saw the pics. She started cooing "Eli niii nii. Eli nii nii." Of course he's wide awake, but maybe she was trying to sing him to sleep. I dunno.

Rachel Callahan said...

Oh. I think she was talking about the title picture. I'm so slow to catch on to her conversations sometimes.

Reese said...

This is great! Alyssa is getting to know Eli before they ever get to meet each other. She was trying to say Eli and Layla in the same word it was so cute!

I love Eli's big smiles, what an adorable little nephew.

Gina said...

Eli is so so cute. :) :)

Anonymous said...

You just described every day of my life. And that's when I leave the gas station and go through a fast food place and get a free water on the way home.

Eli is sooooo J.C.!


Leanna said...

Eli is so cute!!!! I love his smile. I can't wait for Alexander to get here so I can spoil my own little nephew.

I don't have a baby and I have the same conversation with myself about money and getting gas.

Lindsay said...

Thanks everyone! I have to agree with you that he is pretty stinkin' cute :) (and definitely J.C.'s mini-clone).