Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Sleeping Angel

5 Minutes for Mom is having a photo contest for the best sleeping angel and the winner gets a new kid's bedroom set! If this photo wins, I would like the Summer Breeze set for Eli. Here's my entry:

Layla (the four-legged one) is our first-born "child" and we adore her. When we found out we were pregnant with Eli, we weren't sure how she would handle sharing the spotlight with a human sibling. Ever since we brought him home, she has rarely left his side and is such a great big sis. I can't wait to see them become best friends as Eli gets bigger!

Here are a few more pics just for fun (not entered in the contest).

First meeting:

I love this one.


Rachel said...

Yay!! It's great!!

Leanna said...

He get's my vote for the cutest.

Gina said...

Those pictures are so cute

RDJones said...

those are precious!