Saturday, July 3, 2010

The overdue massive photo dump

So here’s a ridiculous number of pictures and videos of my dear children.  Since I’m posting so seldom these days, you get them all at once.  You’re welcome.  Or, I’m sorry.  One of those.

Tessa’s been having some crazy hair lately.  I think she may end up with the curly hair after all.IMG_1357

Such a sweet little hamIMG_1358

My sleeping angel

First pigtails!IMG_1365


We had a family cookout at the country last weekend.  Of course, the mud puddles were irresistible to the kiddos.DSCF3815 DSCF3827 


Which ended up necessitating Tessa being transported to the creek like this:

And Eli getting “bathed” like thisDSCF3850

How my children ended up so filthy while our niece, Ali, ended up without a speck of dirt on her is beyond me. :)

Our church had their big annual birthday Sunday celebration last weekend as well.  There were bouncy houses…IMG_1380  IMG_1387

And makeshift sprinklers (aka hose pipes that had sprung a leak).  Definitely a favorite with the small kiddies.IMG_1393 IMG_1395 IMG_1400  IMG_1415

This is what “relaxing on the couch” looks like for me these days.IMG_1434 IMG_1435

The blurriness of the photos is a very accurate portrayal of how relaxing of an experience this really is.  I wouldn’t change it for anything, though.

And last but not least, I just have to share these videos.

He’s so going to love that this is on the internet one day. 

And that’s all for today.  Check back for another incredible long picture dump in a couple of months!


Rachel said...

Those are awesome videos. :) And pictures, of course, but ya gotta love blueberries.

Leanna Tennille McClellan said...

I love the pictures!!! Eli and Tessa are so adorable. Relaxing on the couch is the same way at my sister's house and no she wouldn't change it for the world either.

Kristine said...

Absolutely love the new photos and those videos are the best. Can't wait to see you all soon!!

Reese said...

Alyssa loves the pictures of the bounce house. She also likes the pictures of Eli and Tessa getting all muddy, but would love to be like Ali and play without getting messy herself. Thanks for posting, it's the only way we get to watch them grow. Love you guys!

Christen said...

Love the videos, hilarious!

Natalie said...

I just LOVE all these pictures! They capture so much joy and fun!

Greta said...

I absolutely love the picture of Tessa in the mud. Love it, love it, love it!

And you're right, Eli will love that you were baiting him to say "I want more". Nice ;).

chrisbmoore said...

Gerat job honey! Ireally enjoyed the post. Give the kids a big hug and kiss for me. DAD

chrisbmoore said...

Guess I should proofread before I send, I meant to say GREAT, not GERAT.