Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Take That Mr. BP!

Well, it seems that my battle cry has Mr. Blood Pressure quaking in his boots for the time being. He has retreated! Really, I'm quite sure it was not my little pep talk that put him in his place so much as God hearing our fervent prayers and those of our friends and family. Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying for us. Keep 'em comin'!

On a side note, today actually marks the exact point in the pregnancy that I was at when I delivered Eli. So, I'm very relieved to have gotten a good report from the doctor today and that Tessa will be hangin' out in my belly for longer than he did. Who knows? Maybe I'll deliver late and have a 10 pound baby this time around. A mama can dream.... :)


Greta said...

Wohoo - great news!
It would be great to go full term, but are you SURE you want a 10 lb. baby?!

Ann Marie said...

Hooray! glad to hear the good report!

Leanna said...

Great News! I am so glad. I have been praying everyday for you and Tessa and will continue to pray. But I don't think you want a 10 pound baby especially if you are not having a C-section.

Farris said...

That's awesome! So glad to hear things are heading in the right direction!

christiejones said...

That is great news. Yay God!!

Natalie said...

Yes, 10 pounders are AWESOME! Take it from a momma who has had three 10 pound babies at home.
They are so FAT and SQUISHY! And you never have to wonder if you're feeding them enough. My smaller ones (the 9 pounders) I constantly worried about their weight, but I think it's because of how big their siblings were.
Still praying for your BP. ♥