Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Party time!

We had Eli's birthday party at our house on Saturday and it was so much fun! I have to admit that I was seriously stressing about it because the 100% rain forcast was putting a damper on our plans to have the party outside on our large deck. I had no idea how we would fit 30 guests in our not-so-large house; but thankfully, God heard my urgent pleas throughout the day and the rain stopped right in time for the party! (big sigh of relief :)).

Here are some pics from the festivities.

Yummy hotdog!

Of course as soon as we lit his candle he wanted to go straight for the flame.

Okay, now go for it! Mommy wants some good cake smearage pics and just knows that you'll tear into it.

No? Here - I'll help get you started.

"Mooomm...." Everyone's looking at me! Get me out of this high chair!

Needless to say, the special little miniature cake that we got for Eli remained entirely in tact. (much to mommy's chagrin :( ....)

Moving on to the loot.

We love you so much!

Also, I realized the other day that it was time for another football comparison shot.

One year!!!!

Eight months:

Five months:

One month:


Leanna said...

Cute pictures! He is adorable :) Glad the rain held off for the party, sorry he didn't demolish the cake.

Rachel said...

Cute! You did a great job on the party!!

I love the upside-down shot. It's perfect! I've got a few pics from the party that will be my Wordless Wednesday tonight.

Reese said...

It looks like the party was a huge success! He is just so cute. When Karston turned one he also didn't want to "ruin" his cake. Thankfully he had some cousins around to show him how it's done. ;) Give that boy some kisses for us.

Gina said...

I'm glad he had a great birthday.