Monday, January 19, 2009


It's only a few "steps" at a time right now, but that counts, right?

Eli is 8 months old today, so we took another football comparison shot:

8 months: 5 months:
1 month:

Here are some more pics (and video) that we took today.

So excited about his new accomplishment!

Practicing those push-ups!

This cracks me up.


angie said...

I love the picture of him with his tongue out. He's so adorable! That last video is hilarious. Can't believe he's crawling! Thanks for posting new pictures and videos--I love to see him grow, even if from afar. Such a cutie!

Reese said...

Yea, for Eli! I love the pictures and videos. He is such a cute little boy.

Ann Marie said...

oh yay Eli! he just keeps getting cuter!!

Leanna said...

Cute videos and pictures. He is so adorable. I can't believe he is crawling already. How times flies.

Jennifer said...

Yay Eli! Lindsay, life is going to get even busier once he gets that mastered. You'll soon be surprised at the speed with which he'll be able to get from point A to point B (and point B is always something you don't want them to get into!)

That last video is hilarious!

Jaci Spain said...

Awww...he is seriously so cute. Yay for crawling!