Sunday, November 21, 2010

Box O’ Fun

Apparently the plethora of toys in our house don’t hold a candle to the fun to be had in a giant cardboard box. 

IMG_2050 IMG_2038 IMG_2042 IMG_2045IMG_2048

This should make Christmas shopping a lot easier!


jessica said...

They are so cute! And if you're looking for more of those wonderful boxes o' fun, I've got you covered!

Kristin Owen said...

That box is the best! Oh and I love Tessa's big 'cheesy' grin. Precious.

Rachel said...

Yup, that's STILL what happens at our house, too. Go figure.

mj said... cute and the boy looks like my son "kurt eduard" and the girl looks like my daughter "arbie"!

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superman said...

I love the hair of those kids they look so cute!

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