Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two years old…

Dear Eli,

I can't believe that you turn two years old today! In some ways it feels like you were born yesterday, and yet I now cannot imagine our life without you in it. I'll always remember the day I found out I was pregnant with you. It came as quite a shock and I didn't feel at all ready to take on the responsibility of becoming your mom. Now, not one day goes by that I don't feel completely overwhelmed by the love I have for you and how blessed we are to be your parents. It's a pure joy to watch you grow up. You're such a sponge right now and I can see you learning new things every day. Here are some of the things you are doing and saying these days that I want to be sure to remember forever:

  • Some mornings if you wake up early and I'm still half asleep, I'll ask you if you want to come snuggle with me on the couch and you run up saying "nuggle!!!". I can always count on a hug and a kiss from you whenever I need one.
  • Whenever you want up on our laps you say “up pease! up pease! up pease! up pease! up pease!” until your wish is granted.
  • We’ve been working on manners lately, and you’ve now learned to say “tinkyou mommyyyyy” in the sweetest voice when you’re given what you requested. This just melts me and you could probably get anything you want out of me when you say that. Thankfully you don’t realize this! (yet.)
  • Daddy is thrilled that it is now baseball season and you are quickly picking up on his passion for the game. Every time a baseball game is on t.v. you excitedly yell “Beeball!!!” and crawl up in daddy’s lap to watch the game. It’s so cute that it almost makes me not mind the fact that baseball has taken over our television (almost...).
  • You are obsessed with all things vehicular and always point out cars and trucks and tell us who they belong to. Every time we leave to go somewhere you point out "Daddy's tut (truck)" and "Mommy's cawww (car)". This always makes me smile.
  • You and Tessa are quickly becoming best friends. You recently began sharing a room and I love listening to the two of you “talking” to each other and giggling in the mornings when you first wake up. I can’t wait to see your relationship grow. I also love how you say “I sowwy Tetta” when you offend her in some way (which also often happens these days).
  • You love riding on top of daddy’s shoulders and always tell us that you’re "up high daddy's sholshers" when you get to ride.
  • We’re working on learning your numbers and letters. I love how you say “fesen” for “seven”, “dubadoo” for “W” and “Yi” for “Y”.
  • I also love how you call crackers and tractors “tattoos” and grapefruit juice "baby juice".
  • When you see that we’re getting ready to go somewhere you get so excited and exclaim “et's go! Go daddy (or mommy) go!” You also say this over and over and over and over again when you’re tired of being somewhere and are ready to get the heck outta there (mostly in Publix). I love it in the former situation. Notsomuch in the latter.

These are just a few of the things that make your daddy and me smile throughout the day. One day these things will be a distant memory. I so look forward to seeing you grow up, but please don’t get in too much of a hurry. We love you so much. Happy Birthday!


(birthday party pictures to come. I couldn’t get it together today, so check back!)


Leanna said...

Lindsay your letters are so sweet! I can't believe Eli is two, he is so adorable. The letter made me smile. Alex is doing some of the same things although all vehicles are tucks, and he says pease down.

Happy Birthday to Eli.

Christen said...

Happy Birthday Eli!

Rachel said...

SO adorable!! Happy Birthday, Eli!!!

Farris said...

Happy birthday, Eli! Can't believe you're already TWO!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Fella!!!

Ann Marie said...

Awww Happy birthday Eli! :)