Monday, March 29, 2010

The long awaited Grandparent blog update

I don’t have much to share, but this should buy me at least a week before hearing the question “when are you going to update your blog”.  Riiiiight??  :)

Eli is quite obsessed with his new cowboy boots that Gramamma bought for him.  I had stripped him down last night before bed and hadn’t gotten his jammies on yet.  Before I had a chance to, he found his boots and put them on (on the wrong feet, which made it even cuter in my opinion).  It was kind of warm in the house, so J.C. just put him to bed in his diaper and boots (daddies…. :)). 


Strikin’ his modeling pose.


Here’s a video of my sweet Tessa-girl.  She’s not doing anything spectacular, but I can’t get enough of her giggles.

And here’s one more pic for good measure.



Rachel said...

Love the boots!! Boots just make every outfit better, even the un-outfit! :)

(And now JC kills me for referring to anything his son would wear as an "outfit".)

Christen said...

Have you ever heard of the "naked cowboy" who plays his guitar & sings in Times' Square wearing nothing but his underwear? Well, Eli just might give him a run for his money! :)
Baby laughs are always infectious!

Leanna said...

Love the pictures! Eli is adorable in his boots. Baby laughs just make the whole day better.

Farris said...

Love the pictures and the video! I could just eat them up!