Monday, February 22, 2010

This and That

So I’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that this blog is going to strictly be a “please-come-oooh-and-aaah-over-my-kids” kind of space and not so much of a “come-read-my-hilarious-and-thought-provoking-commentary” kind of space (although we all know that was a stretch to begin with).  Really, the only reason I still post anything on here is that it’s as close to any form of scrapbooking or journaling that I’m ever gonna do and I need something that I can look back on one day to have some memories, ya know?  So, if you’re interested in following along, you’re more than welcome.  If not, I won’t hold it against you, because believe me, unless you’re a pretty close friend, I wouldn’t follow your blog if it were as boring and self-centered narrowly focused as this one.

Maybe one day when I have at least three whole seconds to rub together on a regular basis, then I’ll revisit the idea of actually blogging instead of just dumping pictures and videos.  Don’t hold your breath, though.

Enough self deprecation.  Moving on to the main subjects.

Tessa hangin’ out with mr. cutie pie, Grey.   Can we go ahead and arrange the marriage?  (kidding….. sort of.) IMG_0772 IMG_0778

Bath time fun.  Of course Tessa’s bath seat looks like the most awesome thing in the world to Eli (kind of like the exersaucer). IMG_0803

I just think Tessa looks really pretty in this picture.  Please don’t tell me if you disagree.


We went to visit my friend Brooke the other day and Eli found an awesome mud puddle face-plant play in.IMG_0867


Our biggest news lately is that Tessa has started crawling (what???).  Slow down, Mr. Time…

And here are a couple more videos for good measure.

Is it sick that I find that video funny?  Most parents would probably rescue their baby from the overly determined toddler, but not us.  No, we video and laugh. 


Leanna said...

Cute pictures and videos..I don't mind if all the blog is videos and pictures of the family. It is easy for me to keep up that way. I can't really say anything I am not exactly keeping up with my blog either.

Maybe over the summer when I don't have class. Who knows!!

Christen said...

That mud puddle picture is hilarious, boys are a different breed, aren't they?!
Yay for Tessa crawling, is it difficult chasing both of them around? We haven't made it to the crawling milestone yet.

Farris said...

Love the pictures and videos! I can't believe how big Tessa is getting. We MUST get together SOON! I have about a month before I go back to work...tear!

Natalie said...

Your children are GORGEOUS, so post away! And then bring them over and let me take their pictures so you can post some more!

Greta said...

You know my thoughts on arranging the marriage :).
Tessa does look beautiful always, but especially in that picture!
And the muddy face pic? That's a classic. Hang on to it!

On to videos...I love, love the video of Eli trying to feed Tessa. Her little arms, his perseverance, him shoving her face and her stiff arming him, then his calm surrender. Hilarious. Do you think I could stage this with mine?

Rachel said...

That picture of Tessa is gorgeous, and Eli's mud face is ADORABLE!! Love it!

Kristine said...

Does this mean that you aren't reading my blog anymore??? :)

L, K

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