Sunday, December 20, 2009

He's all boy. Hairdo and all.

Anyone who knows Eli can attest to the fact that he's all boy - wide open all the time, fearless, and into all things related to cars, trucks, trains and puppy dogs. But, after about a half dozen times of random people telling me what a beautiful girl he is (while oftentimes also telling me what a cute boy Tessa is....), and after countless tears and battles while I tried to comb out his tangly little fro, we decided that it was finally time for Eli's first big boy hair cut.

Oh, this wasn't an easy decision for this here mama to come to. I love his little corkscrew curls and was terrified that they would all be cut off and not come back. Plus, there's just something about that first haircut. I guess it's a rite of passage from babyhood to boyhood. Next he'll be shaving, driving and, well, growing up and leaving us (sniff sniff). Okay, maybe I'm jumping ahead of myself a bit. We'll just focus on the haircut for today.

Here are some before shots:

Look at that precious curly Q! What am I thinking for cutting it off?!?!

In the barber shop.

Then we got to the fun part.

Suited up and sucker in hand. He's not so sure about this...

Now he's sure that he does not like this. We basically had to hold him down while he screamed his head off.
But, even though the barber took a tad bit more off than I requested, it turned out pretty cute and he still has his curls.

Now I just hope everyone else in the barber shop still has their hearing....


Rachel said...

He looks ADORABLE!!! And he is still quite curly - if it makes you feel any better (or worse, I'm not sure), I kept him in the nursery this morning and didn't even realize he'd gotten a haircut.

I hope you saved some of his first curls!!

Greta said...

Well I DID notice that his hair looked shorter but of course, he is still super cute AND super curly! :)

Ann Marie said...

he does still look cute!!
and that scowling picture in the high chair is priceless!!

Christen said...

I love the after picture, he has a look on his face like, "what have you done to me!" :)
I know how you feel about the first haircut, it's so hard to see the curls go! The 2nd time I got Luke's curls cut off, I had to sit IN the chair with him in order for him to calm down enough to get the haircut!

Leanna said...

He is adorable and I love his curls! Alex has curls too and his hair is getting long enough for people to say what a cute girl. There is talk of giving him a trim after they get back from Birmingham.