Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spoon Training

Hello my three loyal visitors! I know it's been awhile, but life is pretty busy with the kiddos. I plan to keep the posts coming (albeit sporadically), so keep checking back.

I recently decided that the time has come to teach Eli to feed himself with a spoon. Recently he has become very independent and doesn't like for me to feed him, and since we're both getting bored with all the finger food options (and not everything I cook is finger food and he will be eating what I cook!), it's time for him to learn the skill. Needless to say, our first attempt was.... well... See for yourself.

Perhaps chocolate pudding wasn't the wisest choice to start with. Any tips from the mamas on how to make this process go smoothly?

Tessa's not really doing anything cute yet, so I often forget to take pictures of her (poor thing... Think she might have issues about this one day?). But she's still pretty cute, so here are a couple of pics of her. I think we've gotten a few genuine smiles (not the gassy grins) out of her recently, so I'll try to catch some on camera to post soon.

I really hadn't thought that Eli and Tessa looked much alike, but now I don't know... What do you think?


Definitely a resemblance :).

I tried to get a few shots with the kids together. Eli wasn't interested in sitting still, so this was the best I could do.


Jaci Spain said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE pictures! Eli cracks me up:) He looks like he had a blast with the spoon! Bet that was fun to clean up! And Tessa is beautiful. Love the outfit!

saloma said...

hey, I've been missing you! your kids are adorable. our son was a whole lot messier when he was learning to spoon feed than the girls were. dont really have any tips.

Farris said...

LOVE the new pictures! I definitely think Eli and Tessa look alike; they're both PRECIOUS!

Kristine said...

Have you tried feeding him in the shower stall? Oh wait, you wanted comments from mom with kids that use spoons successfully versus just waving them around in the air.

Rachel Garcia said...

wow momma.. you are braver than I thought. I didn't do any utensils until they were like 2 and half. Even now they eat with their fingers for most stuff.. Alex just recently got the privilege of eating with a fork or spoon. Im stumped on how to make that any easier for you. ;-) your babes are absolutely adorable.. I LOVE Tessa's bow..

Rachel said...


Spoons are tough - I recommend starting with forks, letting him get the feel of using a utensil, then moving on to spoons. Ali didn't successfully use a spoon until a few months ago.

Also - sticky-to-the-spoon stuff like mashed potatoes and yogurt are helpful in training.

I LOVE the picture of the two of them crying - that's awesome! :)

p.s. - I got all the clothes sorted and have four huge boxes of Tessa clothes for you - be sure and coordinate with me to get them to you before Kid's Market or before you go shopping anywhere else so you know what you do and don't need!

Greta said...

I'm gonna go with Rachel on the mashed potatoes - that worked well for us.

And they DO look exactly alike in th screaming photos. Quality.

angie said...

great pictures! i don't know why but pictures of screaming kids always crack me up. maybe because i don't have any. i love pictures of babies with food or marker all over them too. these are classic. keep em coming!

Reese said...

Well, considering I am comment #9 it seems that you have a few more than 3 loyal readers. lol.

As far as the spoon thing goes, well, just realize that everything with kids is a process and it will take time and patience. I agree with Rachel that starting with a fork might be easier.

Gotta say Tessa is just so cute no matter what face she is making. Both of your children are so precious.

I hope we see you all soon.

Leanna said...

They are so cute! Love the chocolate pudding everywhere. Alex likes to grab the spoon while you are trying to feed him which causes the food to go everwhere. I don't have any suggestions since I am not a mom.

Tessa and Eli do look a little alike.

Anonymous said...

Who are your three readers? I think the pudding was a stroke of brilliance - yummy stuff that he really can't eat effectively with his fingers, so he figures out that the spoon shovels a whole lot more of the tasty stuff into his mouth than his fingers.

Love, Mom

Jodi said...

Such cute pics! I agree with you about taking fewer pics of the second one - sadly, I still think that things Samuel's doing are cuter than what Audrey's doing - and she's about to start walking!

Anonymous said...

Just a lurker, but I will say "thick" foods like oatmeal and cottage cheese is what I use to begin spoon training. Anything that will cling to the spoon should do...

Christen said...

The pictures of the two of them are really cute and they do resemble each other!
I just started working with Luke on spoon training about a month ago and I still have a hard time letting him do it by himself, it makes such a mess!
I have felt really guilty lately b/c it seems like 90% of the pictures I take are of Luke and most of the blogs are about Luke, but like you say the babies aren't really doing anything cute yet!

Mom said...

I am trying to figure out to post a comment without being "anonymous." Hopefully, this will work.

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