Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Survived Week 1? Check.

So we have made it for a little more than a week now with no major crises or meltdowns and are doing really well! Tessa has been a great baby so far. She mostly just eats and sleeps right now, so my main task has been to keep Eli from "loving" on her too much. I think I've said the sentences "Be gentle with the baby", "Don't touch the baby" and "Don't catapult the baby out of the bouncy seat" about 6,492 times since we came home last Wednesday :). He hasn't really shown any signs of jealousy, though. I think he's too young to really "get it" and has rolled with it beautifully.

But, I know the real reason you're all here is to see the pics, so here you go!

Got Eli from the grandparents and we're headed home! Tessa's not too thrilled about it at the moment.

I have to say that I'm lovin' all the pink stuff.

Layla's already lookin' out for her little sis.

Eli being "gentle".

Enough with this gentle business. Time to tackle Layla!

Eli has recently started snuggling with his stuffed lion when he's sleeping. This melts my heart!

and this laugh does, too.

(and yes, my baby generally does wear just a t-shirt and diaper when we're home. Pretty ghetto, I know, but it makes diaper changes a lot easier! Don't judge me... :))

I debated whether to post this on my blog, but it was an amazing moment that I want to be able to look back on when I go through my blog later. So, you get to see it, too. Don't worry - nothing innapropriate is showing, but you do get to see a slimey baby :)


Rachel said...

Wow - so sweet!

I feel completely disconnected from you guys, from having been out of town and all. Thanks for the update!

Isn't pink wonderful?!?!? It is SO MUCH FUN dressing little girls!!

And the cuddling with the lion is adorable...I love that too!

All of the pics are wonderful! Can't wait to see Cousin Tessa soon!!!

Christen said...

Tessa's beautiful!
I'm with you on the pink stuff, dressing a girl is so much fun!
Eli's laugh is so cute, and I like the t-shirt & diaper idea...I'm game for anything to make life easier!

Reese said...

I love the update on how you all are adjusting. The pictures are awesome and I too just adore little Eli's laugh. That last video brought tears to my eyes. What a great moment to be able to watch over and over again.

Greta said...

She IS a beautiful baby girl! And you rock :).

The lion cuddling is ah-dorable. I'm glad you've got a photo.

Rachel Garcia said...

oh so much.. LOVE that you have survived your first week.. way to go mom!! just putting up a blog post is impressive!! I love the pink.. Can't get enough pink.. you proudly shun any other color... LOL. Eli is a doll and that laugh is infectious. He is just too cute for words. I love the cuddling with the stuffed animal. And forget ghetto.. im lucky if my kids keep their underwear/diapers on when we are at the house. no one is judging you here sista!

And of course that video made me cry all over again.. I feel so privileged beyond words that I saw that in real time while you were doing it! You did a great job birthing your daughter and I can't wait to hear you tell your birth story.

Oh God is good!!! All the time!

angie said...

Love it! They're so adorable!

Leanna said...

Aww they are both so adorable. I am glad that Eli isn't jealous. Love the laugh! For the record Alex runs around in just his diaper when he is at home so I guess we are ghetto too. But it does make it easy to change him and in Florida it is a way to keep somewhat cool.

Thanks for sharing the last video too, what an amazing moment. Congratulations again on your beautiful family and I can't wait to meet the newest addition.

saloma said...

you have such adorable babies! that video is so sweet. nothing sweeter than the sound of a newborn baby. PS I found you through Brookes blog and have been checking in faithfully. [grin]

Jules said...

Awesome! Loved the videos!!! Can't wait to meet her this weekend!

christiejones said...

What a special time. I remember when titus was a new born and Josiah liked playing with him. Great memories. Enjoy the time!

Ann Marie said...

Oh I love your video! Beautiful! thanks for sharing it!

Jodi said...

Congratulations - both on the beautiful girl and going drug-free! I read Rachel G's version of your birth story and if we have another one, I can hear a lot of the those same phrases coming from my mouth!
I agree about the jealousy thing - although Samuel was older than Eli is, he's never really had a problem as far as sibling attachment - he has become a selfish 2 yr old, though!
Pink is fun!

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