Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My little birthday girl

And no, she's not "just a dog". She's my baby. My first born (sort of... :)). And she's five years old today. Happy Birthday Layla!

Here are some pictures from Layla's "childhood".

The day we brought her home.

Playful puppy

Snugglin' with Daddy
Snugglin' with Eli.

Eli hadn't quite warmed up to her yet, but I think he has now. (I can't figure out for the life of me how to rotate this video clip, so you'll have to turn your head sideways. Sorry... :))

Happy Birthday Layla! We love you!


Rachel said...

Aww, Happy Birthday Layla!!

And as un-gross-out-able as I am, there's something about dog tongues coming in contact with babies (or even adults) that just makes me shudder. . .I guess that's why we have a cat.

Although the laughing is great :)

Lindsay said...

Well, if Layla was "just a dog" then I would agree that it's gross, but she's his sister. All boys need kisses from their pup sisses!

Leanna said...

Aww Happy Belated Birthday to Layla! I remember how excited you were when you brought her home. The video is adorable. I love baby laughter.

Farris said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! I LOVE the video and all of the pictures!

Rachel Garcia said...

to Rachel's defense I still think its gross when one of my boys licks the other one.. and they do and they are both humans. ;-)

that video is the reason I want a dog.. but I can't handle taking care of yet another someone and teaching them where to poop.. i need some space.. LOL

christiejones said...

That is so cute!!! Tidbit is our first born too, so we understand how you feel. Happy Birthday Layla.